About Dr. Sola

Cristina Sola, DDS, is an American Board Certified Orthodontist who has been trained extensively both in Europe and the United States. 

Dr. Sola was born and raised in Valladolid, Spain. She belongs to a family of dentists that inspired her and made her be passionate about her profession. She began her professional pursuits at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) where she earned her Doctorate in Dental Surgery as a Summa Cum Laude. For her orthodontic residency, she enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, one of the top programs in the country. During her last year of residency, she was honored for being one of the top 3 Best Orthodontic Residents of the Year in the United States by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, where she got to publish one of her cases. Dr. Sola has extensive training in all aspects of orthodontics for kids, including Phase I and Phase II treatment, adult orthodontics, airway and digitally customized treatment. 

Dr. Sola is passionate about new technologies and innovative techniques, using the latest advances in dentistry to achieve excellence. She has expertise in minimally invasive treatment, interceptive treatment, growth modification devices and impacted teeth. 

She has participated in multiple dental meetings as a lecturer. She works as a clinical advisor for INBRACE (digitally customized lingual braces) training and giving advice to other orthodontists. She has expertise in using lingual orthodontics to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles without changing people’s lifestyle while in treatment. Eugene reminds Dr. Sola of her hometown back in Spain and is excited to plant her practice’s roots in this community and meet you soon.